What is the process?

We make investing in Crypto Asset Arbitrage hassle-free. The entire process is as follows:

– The first step is to register an account with us.
– From this point on, you’ll have a dedicated Relationship Manager who will guide you throughout the process to ensure you maximise your returns and to streamline the experience.
– Next, you’ll provide us with your FICA documents (ID, Proof of Address and Source of Funds) which will be used to open a Foreign Exchange account with Capitec Business bank (a division of Capitec).
– Once your account has been opened, you’ll EFT your investment to your Foreign Exchange account so that we can get started with your first trading cycle.

Once these steps are done, we’ll begin trading your funds. At the end of each trading cycle you’ll receive a statement detailing your returns and investment history so that you can keep track of your investment’s progress.

After you’ve completed your first few trading cycles your Relationship Manager will provide guidance on how to maximise your investment by making the most of your Foreign Exchange Allowance (see “What is a Foreign Exchange Allowance” FAQ). If you wish to withdraw or increase your investment while trading, you can do so at any point without any notice period.

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