What is an AIT (previously FIA) and SDA?

South Africa has exchange controls that allow the Reserve Bank to keep track of capital outflows and inflows. Every calendar year, each South African resident over the age of 18 is granted a R1 million SDA (Single Discretionary Allowance) and R10 million AIT (Approved International Transfer) to send funds offshore. These two allowances combined form your Foreign Exchange Allowance, which, in total, enables you to send up to R11 million abroad in a calendar year. These allowances are reset on 1 January each year, irrespective of how much was utilised in the previous year.

  • SDA (Single Discretionary Allowance):
  • Your R1 million SDA can be readily used without any additional paperwork.

  • AIT (Approved International Transfer):
  • Current Exchange Control Regulations require individuals to apply via SARS to access their R10 million AIT. Our Compliance Team can apply for your AIT as a complimentary service.

If you need to send funds above R11 million abroad, a SARB application is required. We also assist with SARB applications as a complimentary service.

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