What fees are charged?

Future Forex operates on a transparent and straightforward fee structure. We only charge fees on a per-transaction basis. There are no monthly bank or platform fees.

The following fees are charged:

Bank Admin Fee (SWIFT Fee):

  • This fixed fee, charged by Capitec, is charged per payment. It covers the administrative cost of using the SWIFT* international payment network.

See “What is the SWIFT processing fee”

Margin or “Spread”:

  • A percentage-based fee, commonly known as the “spread”, is also charged. This is the lesser known but far more significant fee that banks typically overcharge clients.

See “What is the exchange rate margin or “spread”

*The SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) international payment network is one of the largest financial messaging systems globally. The SWIFT network doesn’t transfer funds, nor is it a banking system. Instead, it sends payment orders between banks using SWIFT codes. The SWIFT payment system is a means to transfer money overseas quickly, accurately, and securely.

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