What are Future Forex’s fees?

Our all-inclusive fee works on a performance fee model rather than a flat management fee. This means that our fee is directly proportional to how well your investment performs. In short, our fee structure ensures that our interests are completely aligned with yours in aiming to maximise your returns.

We offer a tiered fee structure where lower fees are charged for larger investment amounts. This is shown in detail in the table below:

Investment Amount per Cycle Percentage Fee
R100,000 – R149,999 35%
R150,000 – R199,999 33%
R200,000 – R299,999 30%
R300,000 – R399,999 28%
+R400,000 25%

Note: We do not charge any hidden or additional fees and there is no cost to register with us. Our AIT application service is complimentary and is facilitated by our highly skilled and experienced partner tax practitioners.

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