What are the risks?

Typically there are market risks associated with Crypto Asset Arbitrage due to funds being exposed to both forex and crypto asset price fluctuations. These risks can be substantial on a per trade basis, which is why Future Forex has developed and implemented a fully hedged trading system. This trading system ensures clients are never exposed to these market risks and can generate consistent returns.

Several third-parties will have custody of your funds at different stages of the process. In the unlikely event that a third party experiences a security breach, your funds may be at risk. This risk is mitigated by using hand-picked third-parties who have a proven track record of reliability and excellence.

Nonetheless, we have taken a prudent approach in that we limit exposure where possible by tranching the transfer of funds so that only a portion are in the custody of certain third-parties at a time. Furthermore, each trading cycle is typically completed within 24 hours, as we aim to minimize the time your funds are in the custody of third-parties.

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