How much can I expect to make?

Under current market conditions, clients can expect to earn a maximum of ~R250,000 per calendar year. Your profit is largely dependent on a couple of factors, namely: the amount invested per cycle and the amount of annual Foreign Exchange Allowance utilised (see the “What is a Foreign Exchange Allowance?” FAQ).

The table below shows the expected net profit per trade after all fees for different investment amounts and market conditions (“Average Spread”)

It’s important to understand that due to the cyclical nature of the arbitrage process, clients can trade multiple times per calendar year until they use up their Foreign Exchange Allowance (maximum of R11 million per calendar year). The table below shows expected annual profits assuming a client makes full use of their annual Foreign Exchange Allowance:

Future Forex will assist you in utilising as much of your Foreign Exchange Allowance as you are comfortable with. This ensures that you maximise your returns each calendar year.

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