How does Future Forex maximise my profits?

Our in-house systems consider your specific circumstances as well as the time left in the year to estimate the optimal market conditions for you to trade.

We do this by calculating how often you need to trade to finish your allowance (or use as much of it as possible) before the end of the year. This is based on your investment amount, AIT (Approval of International Transfer) application size, and considers spouses if they are trading the same funds.

Our proprietary Returns Optimiser algorithm uses this data to compute the optimal minimum spread required for each of your trades. We know all the costs involved in a trade, so we translate this spread to a “Minimum Return” for each of your trades. As this is a minimum, you will typically earn more than this on each trade. The Minimum Return can be viewed on your dashboard whenever you have a trade loaded.

A client with a larger investment amount and larger AIT applications needs to trade less frequently than a client with a smaller investment amount and application size. This means the Minimum Return per trade will typically need to be set lower for a client with a smaller investment amount.

Why this works?
Our Returns Optimiser allows you to enjoy an Arbitrage trading experience that is optimised for you. As our fee structure is linked to the performance of your investment, we will always strive to maximise your returns over the calendar year.

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