Senior Software Engineer - Future Forex

Software Engineer (Python/Django)

We are looking for a Software Engineer with Python and Django experience who is sharp, a team player, product minded and keen to be a part of a rapidly growing company!

Who is Future Forex?

Our mission is to transform the Forex industry in South Africa through premium support, automation, innovation (i.e. Blockchain), and complete transparency. In addition to this we also continue to enhance our Crypto Asset Arbitrage investment product which to date yields returns leagues ahead of traditional investments, making it one of the best performing investment products in South Africa.

Future Forex is powered by a young, open-minded team that values autonomy and works remotely. We’re looking to grow exponentially in the Forex space and need to scale our product efficiently to do so.

Why is now a good time to join us?

We’ve just rolled out our new forex product, and this means you’ll play a massive role in building the service, owning projects end to end and be perfectly positioned to become an integral part of the team. Going forward we aim to expand globally and leverage our agility, inventiveness and drive to improve the livelihoods of billions. Joining now offers the rare opportunity to play a massive role in this goal.

The opportunity

To grow our service offering, we need to enhance our existing forex products, develop new products with additional banking partners, and begin to look beyond the local forex space at other exciting opportunities.

We are looking for a Software Engineer with Python and Django experience who is adaptable, smart, confident working autonomously, and keen to help us make the above a reality!

What you’ll do

  • Design, test, and push code that significantly improves the range, returns and input costs of our service offering
  • Accelerate the development of various key aspects of our stack, namely:
    • API integrations
    • Process automations
    • Database optimisation
    • Staff interface improvements
    • Client dashboard development
  • Work closely with our CTO and dev team to complete bigger projects
  • Debug and resolve production issues
  • Brainstorm and contribute to system upgrades
  • Share knowledge with your colleagues to continually grow the team’s skill level

What you’ll need

We’re ideally looking for an intermediate-level Software Engineer, but are open to talented junior and senior engineers as well.

  • 3-4 years’ experience in software development including familiarity with CI/CD and Git/version control
  • 2 years’ experience working with Python and a web framework such as Django or Ruby on Rails in a production environment
  • Knowledge of front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Basic knowledge of Linux server maintenance and at least one cloud platform (e.g. AWS, Azure, etc)
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities
  • A focus on deliverability with a care for clean and articulate code
  • A start-up mindset, comfortable with products failing and having to be pivoted
  • The ability to work remotely with high autonomy and stay self-motivated without having to be “managed” frequently

What it’s like to work here

We embody true agile: Instead of making changes to conform to a certain methodology, we continuously develop our own helping us research our fullest potential and foster a positive and productive work environment.

We’re deliverable focused: Working a set amount of hours a week is not important to us. What matters is how quickly we can bring high quality deliverables to production. If you’re focused and effective, you’ll find yourself well rewarded!

We reward excellence: We deeply appreciate anyone who relishes making a real impact and is happy to go the extra mile in doing so. We are quick to reward those who overachieve.

We don’t like micro-managing: Micro-managing is an inefficiency we’d prefer to avoid! We want to integrate you quickly so you can manage your own time and projects. That being said we love collaboration, so we’re always happy to help one another and will never leave you in the dark!

We’re all about transparency: We believe transparency is key to our success and have made it the cornerstone of our services. We focus on transparency and open discussion amongst our team to help the best answers and ideas bubble to the surface. This has the added benefit of creating a fun and open workplace where ideas flow.