Relationship Manager

The Relationship Manager’s prime goal is to streamline and ease the investment experience for any clients assigned to them while also maximising their returns

Who are Future Forex?

Our mission is to make alternative, secure and low-risk investments accessible to more South Africans. We’re doing this by capitalising on market inefficiencies in the local crypto space, most notably through crypto asset arbitrage. Our service automates the trading, tracking, and compliance that makes it possible to take advantage of these fantastic opportunities.

Future Forex is powered by a young, open-minded team that values autonomy and works remotely. We started just over a year ago and are currently undergoing a massive growth-spurt (our client-base doubled over the past month!). As a result, we’re looking to grow exponentially and need to scale our team and our product to do so.

Why is now a good time to join us?

Our vision for the future is to be at the forefront of FinTech by building an agile company that makes incredible returns for our clients (who are averaging exceptional annualised returns). With our client-base having doubled recently there are many eager clients who need top-quality service and assistance.

At Future Forex, you will have plenty of opportunities to grow with the company and take on enhanced responsibilities as we scale. The remote team you’ll join is  enthusiastic and dedicated to helping each other build the best possible experience for our clients!

The opportunity

For this Relationship Manager role, we are looking for a people’s person with professional written and oral communication skills that will enable them to manage their own branch of clients. This team member will have outstanding administrative and computer literacy skills that allow them to quickly learn and leverage our system to their clients’ ultimate benefit. The goal is to autonomously provide customer-centric service that is personalised according to each of your client’s needs and investment goals.

Our relationship managers have a somewhat flexible schedule, with peak hours that require them to adopt a high-touch approach with client requests. A hard-worker who is dedicated and a ‘busy bee’ will be an excellent addition to our powerful team combo!

What you’ll do

The Relationship Manager’s prime goal is to streamline and ease the investment experience for any clients assigned to them while also maximising their returns. In line with our client-centric ethos, your earnings will be partially based on how well your clients’ investment performs – we do this to ensure that our employees are driven to help their clients succeed. As part of this role, you will be your clients’ first point of contact with regards to any Future Forex related matters.

The RM’s roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • To thoroughly understand the investment process in order to guide clients through it (extensive training will be provided).
  • Assist clients with registering relevant crypto exchange accounts.
  • Explain the onboarding and investment process to clients and answer any related questions.
  • Communicate market conditions to clients, send off payment forms to clients using Future Forex’s automated systems and follow-up with clients to ensure payment form is sent before 11am cut-off time.
  • Communicate with clients when the trading cycle is complete and discuss results if necessary.
  • Follow up with clients to withdraw funds from their crypto exchange account if they do not do so timeously.
  • Explain the FIA application process to clients and assist them in collecting necessary documents with the goal of maximising the clients annual foreign investment allowance usage, thereby maximising the clients’ returns and thus the RM’s service fee.

What you’ll need

  • Minimum 2 years experience in a client-facing role
  • Ideally a tertiary degree in management, finance, administration or similar
  • Fluent in English
  • Strong administrative and people skills
  • Technical literacy & competency (i.e. you’re able to easily learn new systems)
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities
  • Comfortable as a self-starter working remotely
  • Outstanding communication skills within a remote team and with external clients

What it’s like to work here

We’re deliverable focused: Working a set number of hours a week is not important to us. What matters is how quickly we can bring high quality deliverables to production. If you’re focused and effective you’ll find yourself well-rewarded!

We reward excellence: We deeply appreciate anyone who relishes making a real impact and is happy to go the extra mile in doing so. We are quick to reward those who overachieve with deserving performance bonuses.

We don’t like micro-managing: Micro-managing is an inefficiency we’d prefer to avoid! We want to integrate you quickly so you can manage your own time and projects. That being said, we love collaboration, so we’re always happy to help one another and will never leave you in the dark!

We’re all about transparency: We believe transparency is key to our success and have made it the cornerstone of our investment offering, giving clients full access to their funds and trading history at all times. We also focus on transparency and open discussion amongst our team to help the best answers and ideas bubble to the surface. This has the added benefit of creating an enjoyable and inclusive workplace where ideas flow and are respected.

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