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We are looking for a Full Stack Django Developer who is confident working autonomously

Who are Future Forex?

Our mission is to make alternative investments accessible to more South Africans, in a secure and low risk way. We’re doing this by capitalising on market inefficiencies in the local crypto space, most notably through crypto asset arbitrage. Our service automates the trading, tracking, and compliance necessary to take advantage of these fantastic opportunities.

Future Forex is powered by a young, open-minded team that values autonomy and works remotely. We started just over a year ago and are currently undergoing a massive growth-spurt (our client-base roughly doubled over the past month!!). We’re looking to grow exponentially and need to scale our product to do so.

Why is now a good time to join us?

You’ll be our third dev hire and will work directly with our CTO and co-founder, Josh. This means you’ll play a massive role in setting product direction, owning projects end to end and be perfectly positioned to head up your own team as we continue growing. Going forward we aim to be at the forefront of fintech by building an agile company that makes incredible returns for our clients (who are averaging exceptional annualised returns).

The opportunity

We are looking for a Full Stack Django Developer who is confident working autonomously. Our stack is built primarily in Python and Django.

To keep up with our client growth, we need to create products that allow our customer-facing team members to offer world-class service at scale. This includes helping create a codebase that is scalable and built on sound development principles.

What you’ll do

  • Design, test, and push code that significantly improves the range, returns and input costs of our service offering
  • Head up the development of various key aspects of our stack (code new trading bots, optimise database and trading algorithms, revamp staff interfaces, etc)
  • Work closely with our CTO to complete bigger projects
  • Debug and resolve production issues
  • Brainstorm and contribute to system upgrades

What you’ll need

  • Minimum 5 years experience in software development including familiarity with CI/CD and Git/version control
  • Minimum 3 year experience working with Python in a production environment
  • Ideally +2 years experience working with Django
  • Knowledge of front-end development (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Knowledge of Linux server maintenance and various hosting services (AWS, Azure, etc)
  • Excellent problem solving abilities
  • Deliverable focused with a care for clean and articulate code
  • A start-up mindset, comfortable with products failing and having to be pivoted
  • Comfortable as a self-starter working remotely

What it’s like to work here

We’re deliverable focused: Working a set number of hours a week is not important to us. What matters is how quickly we can bring high quality deliverables to production. If you’re focused and effective you’ll find yourself well-rewarded!

We reward excellence: We deeply appreciate anyone who relishes making a real impact and is happy to go the extra mile in doing so. We are quick to reward those who overachieve with deserving performance bonuses.

We don’t like micro-managing: Micro-managing is an inefficiency we’d prefer to avoid! We want to integrate you quickly so you can manage your own time and projects. That being said, we love collaboration, so we’re always happy to help one another and will never leave you in the dark!

We’re all about transparency: We believe transparency is key to our success and have made it the cornerstone of our investment offering, giving clients full access to their funds and trading history at all times. We also focus on transparency and open discussion amongst our team to help the best answers and ideas bubble to the surface. This has the added benefit of creating an enjoyable and inclusive workplace where ideas flow and are respected.

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