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Chief Technical Officer

Josh Kotlowitz

Josh is an engineer and rocket scientist with an obsession for improving the world through technology and innovation. Josh began his career by graduating top of his class at both UCT and the University College London, where he received his MSc in Space Science and Engineering with distinction. After spending several years leading the development of multiple software platforms, Josh leverages his comprehensive technical and software background to lead Future Forex’s Product Development and Engineering teams – with his core focus being automation and the constant streamlining of our clients’ experience.

Chief Executive Officer

Harry Scherzer

Harry is a qualified Actuary with a strong financial and risk management background who has built multiple successful enterprises and has become a well-known figure in the local finance and forex space. A niche combination of technical ability from his Actuarial background, along with his strong interpersonal skills gained during his tenure as a Business Development Director are the perfect engine to drive Future Forex’s growth while steering the team’s focus in the right direction.

Being responsible for our growth, Harry heads up Future Forex’s business development and strategic oversight while also taking a hands-on approach to building close relationships with our clients and partners.

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